Records Suspensions FAQs

Record Suspensions Information
  1. Do you process out-of-province and out-of-country Canadian Record Suspension applications?

Of course, we can process applications for Canadians dwelling anywhere in the world, as long as the area gets mail and/or courier deliveries.

  1. How long does it take to process a Record Suspensions application?

For One to three Summary offenses, it is presently taking 4 to 6 months to put together a Record Suspensions application and then it requires the Parole Board about Several months to process grant a Record Suspension. When you have 4 or more offenses and/or have an Indictable offence(s) or perhaps you have recent charges in your Local Police Record, it may take up to 10 several weeks to process your application, then another 8 months in the Parole Board, unless it is prioritized. Naturally being biometrically fingerprinted also speeds up program processing times.

  1. Can you get the PBC to hurry my Record Suspension application, and if so what will I have to pay?

Yes, when you have multiple or Indictable offences, and also the premier fee is $395. Take note: In order to get the Parole Board to prioritize a Record Suspension application with a number of and/or Indictable offences, which would normally require 8 months to course of action, extreme hardship must be demonstrated pending a Record Suspension.

  1. Am I guaranteed that I will receive a Record Suspension?

We guarantee that you will get ay Canada Record Suspension as long as you are eligible to receive it.

  1. Does a Record Suspension let me enter the U.S.?

Sadly, US Customs does not recognize the Canada Record Suspension if they become aware of it. If you have never been denied accessibility, deported or interviewed by US Homeland, and US Customs has never accessed your criminal record prior to you being given a Canada Record Suspension, and your criminal record had been properly sealed, then US agencies will no longer be able to access it. However, U.S Custom’s officials have a number of ways of finding out if you have a criminal record, or if you were ever been charged and fingerprinted. If you are not happy to answer their wide choice of questions you could be denied admittance, face property seizures, short-term imprisonment, and be banned from entering your U.S. in the future.

  1. When can I apply for a Record Suspension?

To become eligible to receive a Record Suspension, you must have served your sentence and then waited 3, 5 or 10 years, depending on what is on your record, while being “of good conduct” through the same period. Completion indicates all fines, surcharges, restitution, and so forth, has been paid, jail time is served, and all probation has been finalized.

  1. Can my Record Suspension application be denied, and if so would I get a refund?

If you are seen to be not of bad conduct you can be denied. There are no discounts once an application has been accomplished and submitted to the PBC.

  1. How do I apply for a Record Suspension?

You can contact our office via telephone or fill out our secure application form as well as submit it to us with your online payment.