Travelling to the USA

It is illegal to attempt to enter the U.S. with a criminal record, Applying for a US entry waiver is generally less tedious . Once you register, we ask to sign a sworn statement which will be availed to you once you make a part payment of the fees. The statement authorizes us to act as your representatives and underscores your commitment to the process. We then proceed to process your waiver request with the US Department of Homeland Security. We commit ourselves to:

  • Working with the US Department of Homeland Security and other US agencies.
  • Ensure you understand the entire process.
  • Creating and collecting all the documents needed.
  • Making sure your file us up-to-date
  • Processing all requests and documentation from agencies
  • Providing a background check to improve the credibility of your application


We have two sets of fees based on the service you select as follows:
- Premier USA Entry Waiver $625
- Standard USA Entry Waiver $425


Information :

You can not enter the United States legally if you have a Canadian criminal record. The American FBI has access to the Canadian criminal database and ALL border posts can access this information. The following information is important as you proceed with your US entry waiver application:

  • A US entry waiver application is made to the US Department of Homeland Security
  • The validation period can be for a year, 2 years or 5 years. The period depends on the nature of your criminal record and the how well your entry waiver was prepared. This is why you need our expert service to guide you in this process
  • The US government does not recognize a Canadian Record Suspension, therefore, even if you have been pardoned, depend what was the charge(s), you may still need a US entry waiver to enter the United States
  • As soon as your US entry waiver is granted, you can travel to and from the United States freely until it expires